What's my trade-in really worth?

What's my trade-in really worth?

Great question! We're here to help you get to the bottom of it...

Truth be told, you don't really know what your trade-in is worth until you receive an actual offer. While many people reference Blue Book, their value estimates can be misleading, outdated and don't reflect an accurate picture of your car's unique worth.

There are many factors at play when determining a vehicle's actual trade-in value - here are a few of the most important ones to know about:

  • Supply and demand - Not to dredge up bad memories from Economics Class, but supply and demand matters where trade-in values are concerned. If lots of buyers are looking for your type of vehicle and inventory is down, your trade-in value goes up. If the opposite is true, your value goes down.
  • Local market - Depending where you call home, the value of your car can change. Live in an area where many people commute? Fuel efficient and hybrid cars might be the hot trend. Settled in the country? Perhaps trucks or SUVs might be in high demand.

Real-time offers from local dealers

With MaxTradeIn, we take those variables off the table and provide real-time trade in offers from local dealers. That means you get an accurate estimate of your trade in within a matter of 2 days. Our dealers provide actual offers of what they will pay for your trade in, not estimates or ranges based upon what some book says your car is worth. Sounds too good to be true - but it isn't!

Get better than Blue Book when dealers compete

By wielding the power of competition, you can feel confident you're getting the best price for your trade-in, while eliminating the negotiating process. Easy! Discover your trade-in value quickly and easily.Let's get started...

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